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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5
User Guide for VMware vSphere

Step 10. Specify Data Path Settings

By default, during the backup copy job Veeam Backup & Replication transports data directly from the source backup repository to target backup repository. This type of transport is recommended if you plan to copy backup files over high-speed connections.

If you plan to copy backup files over WAN or slow connections, it is recommended that you configure a pair of WAN accelerators in the backup infrastructure and copy backups via these WAN accelerators. WAN accelerators perform global data deduplication, eliminate the need to transport redundant blocks of data and reduce the load on the WAN. For more information, see WAN Acceleration.

Step 10. Specify Data Path Settings Note:

Backup copy jobs process machines in parallel only if you select the direct data path. If you use WAN accelerators, machines are processed sequentially.

To use WAN acceleration for the backup copy job:

  1. Select the Through built-in WAN accelerators option.
  2. From the Source WAN accelerator list, select a WAN accelerator configured in the source site.
  3. From the Target WAN accelerator list, select a WAN accelerator configured in the target site.

Be extremely careful when assigning WAN accelerators to the backup copy job. If you make a mistake and assign the WAN accelerator in the target site to be used as the source WAN accelerator, data will go in the backward direction and workload on the WAN will increase.

You should not assign one source WAN accelerator to several backup copy jobs that you plan to run simultaneously. The source WAN accelerator requires a lot of CPU and RAM resources, and does not process multiple backup copy tasks in parallel. As an alternative, you can create one backup copy job for all machines you plan to process over one source WAN accelerator.

The target WAN accelerator, however, can be assigned to several backup copy jobs. For more information, see Adding WAN Accelerators.

Step 10. Specify Data Path Settings 

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