Creating CDP Policies

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    To protect VMs with CDP, you must configure a CDP policy. The CDP policy defines which VMs to protect, where to store VM replicas, how often create short-term and long-term restore points, and so on. One CDP policy can process one or multiple VMs.

    To create a CDP policy use the New CDP Policy wizard.

    1. Check prerequisites
    2. Launch the New CDP Policy wizard
    3. Specify a job name and advanced settings
    4. Select VMs to replicate
    5. Exclude objects from being replicated
    6. Specify the VM processing order
    7. Select a destination for replicas
    8. Configure network mapping
    9. Configure re-IP rules
    10. Configure seeding and mapping
    11. Specify data transfer and replica settings
    12. Specify notification settings
    13. Configure a replica schedule
    14. Specify guest processing settings
    15. Finish working with the wizard