Creating Replication Jobs

To create VM replicas, you must configure a replication job. The replication job defines how, where and when to replicate VM data. One job can be used to process one VM or more VMs.

You can configure a job and start it immediately or save the job to start it later. Jobs can be started manually or scheduled to run automatically at specific time.

Before you create a replication job, check prerequisites. Then use the New Replication Job wizard to configure a replication job.

  1. Launch the New Replication Job wizard
  2. Specify a job name and description
  3. Select VMs to replicate
  4. Specify data source
  5. Exclude objects from the replication job
  6. Define VM replication order
  7. Specify replica destination
  8. Create a network map table
  9. Configure Re-IP rules
  10. Specify replication job settings
  11. Specify advanced replica settings
  12. Specify data transfer settings
  13. Define seeding and mapping settings
  14. Specify guest processing settings
  15. Define a job schedule
  16. Finish working with the wizard
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