Capacity Extent Structure

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    When data is being transferred to the capacity extent, Veeam Backup & Replication creates and maintains the following structure of directories:

    Capacity Extent Structure 




    <bucket_name> or <container_name>

    A bucket or container name.

    Buckets and containers must be created in advance.



    Standard folders created by Veeam Backup & Replication.


    A repository folder that you create when adding a new capacity extent.


    Contains objects in a backup.

    These folders are automatically removed during data removal.


    An identifier of an object in a backup.

    • If a backup was created using the per-machine method, then each VM will be placed to its own directory.
    • If a backup was created as a single storage, then all the VMs will be placed to a unique directory.


    Contains meta information and other auxiliary data.


    Contains a replicated version of offloaded backup files with metadata that also remain on the source extents.


    Contains offloaded data blocks created by the offload session, as described in Data Transfer.


    Contains meta information about the state of offloaded backup chains. Such meta information is updated upon each successful offload session.


    Contains required information to work with encrypted backups.


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