Limitations for Performance Tier

Consider the following limitations for performance tier:

  • The same limitations that are specific for certain types of backup repositories apply to the performance extents. For example, if you add Dell Data Domain as a performance extent to the scale-out backup repository, you will not be able to create a backup chain longer than 120 points in this scale-out backup repository.
  • The performance extents of the scale-out backup repository should be located in the same site. Technically, you can add to the scale-out backup repository the performance extents that reside in different sites. However, in this case Veeam Backup & Replication will have to access VM backup files on storage devices in different locations, and the backup performance will degrade.
  • You cannot use object storage of different providers in the same type of tier. For example, you cannot add and use Amazon S3 storage and Microsoft Azure Blob storage to one capacity extent.
  • You can add only one type of object storage repositories as performance extents of one scale-out backup repository. For example, if a first extent is an Amazon S3 object storage repository, the second extent must also be an Amazon S3 object storage repository.
  • You cannot use the backup repository and the direct object storage repository for the same performance tier.
  • Data located in object storage repositories is organized into a separate backup chain for every machine in a job.
  • If you use immutability and have several extents in your performance tier, you must enable it for all extents within this tier. You cannot use mixed configuration and have only one extent with immutability enabled.
  • You cannot add as performance extents one Wasabi bucket as an S3 Compatible Object Storage and another Wasabi bucket as a Wasabi Cloud Object Storage to the same type of tier (either performance tier or capacity tier) of a scale-out backup repository.
  • You cannot use the same object storage repository as a performance extent and as a capacity extent.