VMware vCloud Director Replication

VMware vCloud Director replication is a technology that allows you to replicate VM containers between production and disaster recovery vCD environments, to the original organization VDC or to another organization VDC added to a different VMware vCloud Director. Using the VMware vCloud Director replication you can replicate the following VM containers:

  • vApps
  • vCloud organizations
  • vCloud organization VDC
  • VMware vCloud Director instances

The VMware vCloud Director replication technology utilizes the same mechanisms as the VM replica and follows the same recovery scenarios. The main differences from VM replica are the following:

  • The vCD replica target is an organization VDC and it must be set up beforehand in your VMware vCloud Director infrastructure.
  • A minimal unit of a vCD replication is a vApp, you cannot replicate a single VM that is added to a vApp.
  • The vCD replica snapshots are created on the VMs that are added to the target vApp.
  • A single restore point of the vCD replica contains snapshots of all VMs added to a vApp.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication assigns a new CLOUD.UUID to the replicated VMs when a vCD replication job runs.

The VMware vCloud Director replication technology supports functionality similar to normal VM replication: you can create vCD replication jobs, perform failover and failback operations with replicated VM containers and manage these VM containers.

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