Step 4. Specify Object Storage Settings

At the Bucket step of the wizard, specify the bucket and folder that will be used to store data:

  1. From the Bucket drop-down list, select a bucket.

Make sure that the bucket where you want to store your backup data was created in advance.

  1. In the Select Folder field, select a cloud folder to which you want to map your object storage repository.

To select a folder, click Browse and either select an existing folder or create a new one by clicking New Folder.

To define a soft limit that can be exceeded temporarily for your object storage consumption, select the Limit object storage consumption to check box and provide the value in TB or PB.


The Make recent backups immutable for check box is currently unavailable for IBM Cloud Object Storage, since IBM does not currently support S3 Object Lock feature required for the immutability.

Specify Object Storage Settings