Restoring vCloud vApps

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    You can restore the whole vApp from the backup to vCloud Director.

    vApps can be restored to their Organization vDC or to any other Organization vDC. You can restore the vApp that already exists, for example, in case the  vApp is corrupted or you want to revert to an earlier state of the vApp, or the vApp that no longer exists, for example, if it was deleted by mistake. If you restore a vApp that already exists, the vApp is overwritten with that from the vCD backup.

    To restore a vApp to vCloud Director, use the vCloud Full vApp Restore wizard.

    1. Launch the Full vApp Restore wizard
    2. Select an object to restore
    3. Select a restore point
    4. Select a restore mode
    5. Select the vApp location
    6. Select a destination network
    7. Select a template to link
    8. Select a storage policy and datastores
    9. Specify secure restore settings
    10. Specify a restore reason
    11. Verify recovery settings and finish working with the wizard