Managing Cloud Director Backups

Managing for Cloud Director backups is practically the same as for regular backups. You can view backup properties, copy, move, export and delete backups from disk. For more information, see the following sections:


Consider the following:

  • You cannot manually retry a backup job targeted at an immutable repository. That is because the last session of the preceding automatic retry session makes immutable not only VM backup files but also the vApp backup file. Then manual retry tries to change this immutable vApp backup file and fails.

Instead of manual retry, you can create an active full backup or wait until the next job run. These operations can help because they create new vApp backup files. Note that automatic job retry can still be used because it makes the vApp backup file immutable only on the last retry session.

  • The move and copy operations are available at the backup job level and at the vApp level. You cannot use these operations for individual VMs.

Page updated 9/19/2023

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