Copying VMs

With VM copy jobs you can create a fully-functional copy of a VM and store this copy in the backup repository or storage device. VM copying may be helpful if you want to move your datacenter to another location, archive a VM before decommissioning and so on.

To create a VM copy, you must configure a VM copy job. One job can be used to process one VM or more VMs.

You can configure a job and start it immediately or save the job to start it later. Jobs can be started manually or scheduled to run automatically at specific time.

Before you create a VM copy job, check prerequisites. Then use the New VM Copy Job wizard to configure a VM copy job.

  1. Launch the New Virtual Machine Copy Job wizard
  2. Specify a job name and description
  3. Select VMs to copy
  4. Exclude objects from the VM copy job
  5. Specify a copy destination
  6. Specify guest processing settings
  7. Define a job schedule
  8. Finish working with the wizard