Before You Begin

Before you restore VM guest OS files, mind the following prerequisites and limitations:

  • If you plan to restore VM guest OS files to their original location, VMware Tools must be installed on the target VM.
  • You cannot restore files of VMs that have disks larger than 64 TB. This is due to VMware vSphere limitation for supported disk sizes.
  • You cannot restore VM guest OS files from a backup or replica that does not have any successfully created restore points.
  • You cannot restore files from a backup created in the reverse incremental mode if the backup job is being performed. If the backup is created in the incremental backup mode and the backup job is being performed, you can restore files from any available restore point.
  • You cannot restore VM guest OS files from a running replica or if the replication job with the necessary VM is being performed.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication must have access to the guest OS of the target VM to deploy a coordination process. The coordination process performs a number of administrative actions on the target VM guest OS, for example, collects information about mount points.
  • The helper appliance must have access over a network to a VM whose files you restore or direct access to vCenter or ESXi host where the VM resides.
  • For Linux target VM, mind the following:
    • If you want to restore files over network, make sure that the SSH daemon is configured and SCP utility is available on the target VM.
    • SELinux must be disabled on the target VM.
    • A range of ports that are used for data transfer must be open on the target VM.

For more information on configuring connection settings for Linux servers, see the SSH Connection step of the New Linux Server wizard.

    • Veeam Backup & Replication can restore ACL for recovered VM guest OS files. To let Veeam Backup & Replication detect the target Linux system architecture and kernel version, the following utilities must be present in the minimal configuration of the system: arch and uname.
  • You cannot restore files directly to the original location from backups of BSD, Mac and Solaris VMs. Use the Copy to option instead.
  • The multi-OS file-level restore wizard does not support restore of deduplicated volumes (for example, Microsoft Windows volumes with Data Deduplication enabled).
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