Performing Instant Recovery to Microsoft Hyper-V

With Instant Recovery, you can recover different workloads from backups and register them as Microsoft Hyper-V VMs. For the list of backups that you can use for recovery, see Supported Backup Types.


To perform Instant Recovery, use the Instant Recovery wizard.

  1. Сheck prerequisites
  2. Launch the Instant Recovery wizard
  3. Select workloads
  4. Select a restore point
  5. Select a recovery mode
  6. Select a target host
  7. Select a target datastore
  8. Specify network mapping
  9. Change VM name and UUID
  10. Configure a helper appliance
  11. Specify secure restore settings
  12. Specify a restore reason
  13. Verify Instant Recovery settings


If you want to recover workloads as VMware vSphere VMs, see Performing Instant Recovery to VMware vSphere.