Step 3. Select Files and Folders to Back Up

At the Files and Folders step of the wizard, select files and folders that you want to back up.

  1. Click Add.
  2. From the Server list, select a file share on which the necessary files or folders reside.
  3. In the Folders tree, select folders you want to backup.

To select multiple folders, hold [Ctrl] and click necessary folders. Although different folders of the same share form separate records in the table, they will be processed by one job task.

Mind the following:

  • Hard links in file shares are protected with content included.
  • Backup of symbolic links in file shares is supported for managed server and SMB file shares: they are backed up as links, without the content they refer to. For NFS file shares, symbolic links are skipped from processing.
  1. In the Files and Folders screen, use the Up and Down buttons on the right to move sources up or down. The sources of the job are processed in the order in which the list displays them.
  2. If you add a folder to the job, all the folder contents will be processed.

If necessary, you can choose only specific files from the added folder. To do so, select a folder in the list and click Advanced. In the File Filters window, use Include masks and Exclude masks fields to filter the folder contents. You can use exact file names or create name masks (for example, *.EVT or *.PDF).

You can exclude a certain folder from the backup. To do so, specify the path to such a folder in the Exclude masks field and click Add to add the path to the list of exclusions.

Step 3. Select Files and Folders to Back Up

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