Before You Begin

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    Before you perform FCD quick migration, check the following prerequisites and limitations.

    • All FCDs that you plan to migrate, must be located on a vPower NFS datastore that is mounted to the target cluster.
    • If redo logs are stored on a custom datastore, Veeam Backup & Replication checks that these redo logs are available on this datastore.
    • The target datastore to which you want to migrate FCDs must meet the following requirements:
    • The datastore must be added to the infrastructure of the vCenter which you specified to perform FCD quick migration.
    • The datastore must be mounted to all ESXi hosts of a cluster which you have selected to perform FCD quick migration.
    • The datastore must have enough free space for all migrated FDCs.
    • You can not mirgate FCDs to the vPower NFS datastore.
    • You can not migrate FCDs to the same datastore where they have already been registered.