Health Check for File Share Backup Files

You can manually perform a health check for the latest restore point in the backup chain. During the health check, Veeam Backup & Replication performs a CRC check for metadata and a hash check for data blocks in backup files to verify their integrity. The health check helps make sure that the restore point is consistent, and you will be able to restore data from this restore point.

To run the health check:

  1. Open the Home view.
  2. In the inventory pane, select Jobs.
  3. In the working area, select a job of the File Backup type and click Run Health Check on the ribbon or right-click the job and select Run health check.

To run the health check periodically, you must enable the Perform backup files health check option in the backup job settings and define the health check schedule. By default, the health check is performed on the last Friday of every month. You can change the schedule and run the health check weekly or monthly on specific days. To learn how to configure periodic health check, see Maintenance Settings.

Run Health Check

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