GFS Media Pools

The GFS media pools are special media pools that store data to tape according to the GFS, or Grandfather-Father-Son rotation scheme. The GFS media pools are targets for GFS tape jobs. For more information, see GFS Backup to Tape.

Tapes for GFS Media Pools

For writing data, you can use rewritable tapes or WORM (Write Once Read Many) tapes. For more information, see WORM Tapes. For using WORM tapes, you need to create separate media pools. The following types of media pools are available:

  • GFS media pools.
  • WORM GFS media pools.

For more information on creating WORM media pools, see Creating GFS Media Pools.

GFS Media Sets

GFS media pool keeps five predefined media sets for storing the machine backups with a tiered retention policy scheme:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

You can disable a media set or sets if you do not need them.

GFS Tape Jobs

A GFS media pool can be target for unlimited number of GFS tape jobs.

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