Before You Begin

Before you add a scale-out backup repository to the backup infrastructure, check the following prerequisites:

  • An object storage repository cannot be added as part of two or more different scale-out backup repositories at the same time.
  • If the selected object storage contains offloaded backup data, you will be offered to synchronize this data with your performance extents.

For more information, see Synchronizing Capacity Tier Data.

  • Object storage that contains imported backups cannot be added as a capacity extent.

For more information, see Importing Object Storage Backups.

  • You cannot add the same object storage repository as the performance extent and capacity extent.
  • You cannot use object storage of different providers in the same type of tier. For example, you cannot add and use Amazon S3 storage and Microsoft Azure Blob storage to one performance extent.
  • You cannot use the object storage repository and the backup repositories in performance tier simultaneously.

Page updated 2/28/2024

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