Restoring to Microsoft Azure

Before you restore workloads to Microsoft Azure, you must configure an account to be used for restore and required components. For more information, see Configuring Components and Accounts for Restore. Then use the Restore to Azure wizard to restore the workloads.

  1. Сheck prerequisites.
  2. Launch the Restore to Azure wizard.
  3. Select workloads and restore points.
  4. Select a subscription and location.
  5. Specify VM size and disks to restore.
  6. Specify a VM name and resource group.
  7. Select a virtual network.
  8. Specify secure restore settings.
  9. Specify a restore reason.
  10. Start the restore process.


If you use Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure and plan to restore Microsoft Azure VMs from restore points that were created using the appliance, the steps of the restore wizard differ from the steps described in this guide. For more information, see the Performing Entire VM Restore section in the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure User Guide.

Page updated 4/15/2024

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