Restoring Configuration Database

Restore of the configuration database is helpful in the following situations:

  • The configuration database got corrupted and you want to recover data from the configuration backup.
  • You want to deploy the configuration database on a new Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL and restore data from the configuration backup to it.
  • You want to roll back the configuration database to a specific point in time.
  • You want to restore data to a new configuration database on the same database instance, for example, for testing purposes.

You can restore a configuration backup on the same backup server where the backup was created or on another backup server.


If you use cloud plug-ins to protect VMs in Google Cloud, AWS and other environments and want to restore cloud backup server configurations, see the following guides:

Before you start the restore process, check prerequisites. Then use the Veeam Backup & Replication Configuration Restore wizard to restore the configuration database.

  1. Launch the Veeam Backup & Replication Configuration Restore wizard.
  2. Select a restore mode.
  3. Select a configuration backup.
  4. Review configuration backup parameters.
  5. Specify password.
  6. Specify the target database.
  7. Specify restore options.
  8. Review restore settings.
  9. Finalize the restore process.
  10. Synchronize backups and tape libraries.
  11. Finish working with the wizard.

Page updated 2/13/2024

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