Scale-Out Repository as NAS Backup Repository

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    If you use a scale-out backup repository as a backup repository for storing NAS backups, by default Veeam Backup & Replication evenly distributes backup data among all the performance extents added to this repository. The NAS backup data is accompanied by the metadata files. To provide an opportunity to restore data written to extents remaining available in case one or two of other extents are unavailable, Veeam Backup & Replication triplicates metadata when writing it to extents. Thus, every extent keeps metadata for data stored on this extent (in folder meta) and replica of metadata for data stored on adjacent extents (in folder metabackup). Even if two of three adjacent extents are lost, you can restore NAS backup data stored on the third extent.


    Mind the following when storing NAS backups on a scale-out backup repository:

    • The metadata redundancy approach protects against two extents out of three being completely lost.
    • The metadata redundancy approach allows protecting metadata, not data.
    • The backup file placement policy set for the scale-out backup repository, as described in Backup File Placement, is ignored.

    Scale-Out Repository as NAS Backup Repository